Moonspell cosmetics Formerly known as Eclipse eyelashes was Founded in 2018 By Maria & Claudia. We are proud to be a woman, minority and sister owned business. The Idea of Moonspell cosmetics was born in Santa Ana California. We felt there was a lack of innovative and cost-effective products missing in the Beauty industry, because luxury doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to be able to afford something beautiful and high quality. Moonspell cosmetics focuses In luxury strip eyelashes and tools, we started with a wide variety of various styles to keep in mind every person whether they like dramatic or subtle eyelash styles. We aim to bring quality, functionality, and innovation to all our products. We believe that both women and men should be empowered to seek beauty in everything in life and should be represented equally to showcase their skills and talent in the beauty industry. Our slogan “Seek beauty in unexpected places” means to us that we can always find beauty in the most unexpected differences between us, because accepting each other’s differences makes us equally beautiful.